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Below you will find information about the functionality and functions of cookies on giga2003.hu webpage.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored by the web browser that store information based on open sites (such as language usage, browser type, operating system, time of visits, viewable content, viewed ads, etc.).

Why are cookies useful?

They help to transform web pages to the needs of visitors. Use of cookies allows you to display more personalized content; besides cookies, we do not have to re-enter your password on a particular page, and we also get cookies to get information about visitors to our site (eg. how many and how did they search our site).

What type of cookies are working on the site?

  • Indispensable cookies
    Cookies that guarantee the proper functioning of the website, such as malfunctioning of the page. These cookies do not collect data that can be used for marketing purposes.
  • Functional cookies
    By commenting on the appearance settings, these cookies provide the site's custom look. These cookies do not collect data that can be used for marketing purposes
  • External cookies
    Cookies typically provided by social networking sites allow the content to be shared or liked within the site, as well as measure the visibility of the site as google analytics services.
    For more information and Google Privacy Statement, visit https://policies.google.com/privacy

How do I disable cookies?

These cookies do not necessarily have to be enabled for the site to work, but significantly improve the user experience. You can unblock or disable cookies at any time, but in this case some of the elements on your site may not work properly, you may have to manually make certain settings each time you visit a particular page and account for it some features and features may not work.

In your Internet browser, you can manually choose which of the different types of cookies you want to enable or disable. In addition, you can also reject or delete cookies. The method of disabling cookies depends on the browser you are using. For more information, refer to the description of your web browser or www.aboutcookies.org.


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