History of the company

Our company was established in 2003, its main profile is producing cut and milled parts . At the beginning the self-employment was doing programming, CNC programming, making technologies, then training CNC operators, installing machines. We extended our activities in 2005.

At our company which had 6 employees by this time we made up our schedule according the requierments of our partners. By the end of 2006 we achived to have 15 employees and and 455m2 rented property At the moment the area of the company is 500 m2 and we work with 102 employees and 38 CNC machines.
Main activities: general cutting, milling and also producing parts for automotive and furniture industry, instruments.

In the future our aim is to keep and improve the three already existing main sectors as low quantity standardized production in the instruments and furniture industry plus the medium and large quanity standardized production on CNC machines in the automotive industry. We also plan to extend the already well established, quick and flexible services. We would also like to set up delivering parts from stock (after previous assesments) and extend our work within producing and delivering parts produced by CNC machines (automotive industry) To achieve all these we plan to purchase more CNC machines. In the summer of 2006. we started to use our Production Managment System which is meant to help the production planning, tracking, quality managment and delivery just in time. This is an all-in system including every step right from the purchase order through purchasing materials, stock control and our manufacturing process, till delivering the finished goods.